Mattresses at Furniture Outfitters

Where Do I Start?

A different approach to mattress shopping

Like everything we do, we approach mattresses a little bit differently than most folks. At Furniture Outfitters, we believe that the first step to buying a bed is not whipping out your wallet- it’s education. Most people don’t know much about the construction and engineering of mattresses, and this means they aren’t prepared to make the best choice. Stop by our showroom and one of our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions, from what a hybrid is, to the best way to “test drive” a mattress.


Your Sleep is Unique

Don’t settle for basic

Contrary to many recent marketing schemes, mattresses are NOT one size fits all. Your sleep is as unique as you are. Many factors affect what kind of support you need, including sleep position, back problems, and even body type. All these options can be confusing, so let us be your guide! We will decode some of that mattress jargon and help you decide what features are most important to you.

Visit us!

                                                          Experience the local difference

Our new location brings everything you know and love about Furniture Outfitters, and more! In addition to our full selection of mattresses, we also have modern reclining furniture, customizable leather pieces, and a brand new upholstery line! Please visit us at 3131 E Lanark Street to experience all the best Furniture Outfitters has to offer!